Vanagon Projects
Jul 26, 2010Public
Photo: The end result in testing. Ash is very happy with the result.
Photo: A primary design constraint is for the hammock to be stowable in this spot where it is completely out of the way and not using up any primary real estate.
Photo: So these start out as a standard T, then I cut off one "leg" of it, and then used the chop saw to come down on an edge and cut a groove for the strap..  You can see that at the bottom of this pic on chopped piece.
Photo: There it is again. Chopped off a leg, and cut down into the piece to create a slot for the strap.
Photo: Note the routing of the strap.  The cross member nearest us running from left to right can be removed for storage.. it's just friction fitted. With the strap running across the bottom then IN through the slot in the corner piece, the more weight there is on the hammock, the more pressure there is holding the joint together.  There is about 13 inches of strap on each hanger. The ends go through a slice that I made in 3/4 inch PVC pipe with a knot inside the pipe.
Photo: Side pieces are 24 inches long 1.25 inch Schedule 40 PVC
Photo: Long pieces are 50 inches long 1.25 inch shedule 40 PVC. With the corner pieces attached that makes the overall length 54 inches - JUST enough to fit up in the storage position.
Photo: The corners are attached to the LONG pieces. I decided to not use glue so that the corners can be removed and the fabric can be washed.
Photo: The sewing was the hardest part. This is $10 worth of canvas from walmart.
Photo: The end pieces are removed, and it rolls up in to a 54 inch long unit.
Photo: Heaven. It's out of the way. It's truly invisible here in every day use.  It's not going anywhere and it is utterly out of the way.
Photo: Happy Camper.
Photo: I added a towing wiring unit and pulled the power off this HOT rail.  A hole through the inner skin and a bit of duct tape is seen here where the power is fed down to behind the drivers side light housing.
Photo: These blocks are horrible things, but I was in a hurry.
Photo: Plenty of room in here for the towing light control unit
Photo: A before and after of sorts. Bottom grill is done.
Photo: Before doing anything with paint, before AND after sanding I use this to remove any wax or grease.
Photo: Dewaxer leaves a dull lackluster finish.
Photo: Masking the vw. I'm going to loose the "chrome" pin stripe around the edge.
Photo: Sanded with 400 grit wet
Photo: The usual.. many thin coats. Krylon plastic paint.  I went with Gloss. Second guessing that a little, but I'm happy enough.