Handset Press Invitations and Announcements
Aug 11, 2012Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Here is the first wedding set I printed: invitation, reply, and envelopes.  We chose 18 pt. Typo Upright for the main text , and 12 pt. Bembo Italic for the return address.
Photo: This job was similar to the first, except on different paper (and "favor" spelled correctly).
Photo: Another Typo Upright and Bembo combination.
Photo: Roger and Kathi used Rondo Bold for a more contemporary look. Ink is orange plus a hint of black. I printed the invitation paper, which was later glued to orange card stock. They had me print thank you cards instead of reply cards.
Photo: Susan and Kevin's invitation also using Rondo Bold (12, 18, & 24 pt.). See close-up scan on the next slide.
Photo: Same invitations as previous, but scanned rather than photographed.
Photo: Another invitation set using Rondo Bold, plus 12 and 14 pt. Fabitius on the main envelope. Ink is violet with a hint of black.
Photo: Martin and LaRissa needed both invitations and announcements. She found the black-bordered paper (with envelopes) at Michaels. Close-ups follow in the next 2 pictures.
Photo: Main envelope and invitation. Types used: 18 & 24 pt. Typo Roman Shaded and 30 pt. Typo Script. Lightly inked (Process Blue) because the 18 pt. shading kept filling up.
Photo: Reply card and envelope (24 pt. Typo Script on top line) and announcement.
Photo: Kevin and Bethany chose 12 & 18 pt. Goudy Cursive and 18 pt. Goudy Bold. Printed in fire engine red.
Photo: After printing, the invitations were mounted on red and black paper. Also shown is the reverse of the reply post card.
Photo: Beverly and Adam's invitations. See next two pictures for close-ups.
Photo: Invitation is 16 & 12 pt. Baskerville (mimicking small caps) with 24 pr. Commercial Script added in pastel blue (requiring a separate press run). Return address is 12 pt. Baskerville Italic.
Photo: Reply card and envelope is set in 12, 18, and 24 pt. Baskerville.
Photo: This was set in 18 pt. Goudy Thirty and 12 pt. Lydian Bold.
Photo: This announcement was set in 18 and 24 pt.  Baskerville, with 12 pt. Baskerville for the return address. Front drawn and lithographed by Tom Goglio.
Photo: Here's a closer look
Photo: Sarah and Steve had their invitations and reply cards printed in green and brown. Type is Rondo Bold, plus one line of 20th Century Bold Condensed.
Photo: Rachelle and David went with an "Old West" look for their invitations. The reply and menu/accommodations cards were printed on both sides. Close-ups follow.
Photo: Close-ups of Rachelle & David's invitation and double-sided insert card. Types: 18 pt. Pacific, 48 pt. Thunderbird Extra Condensed, 12 pt. Antique Wide, 30 pt. Playbill, 14 & 18 pt. P. T. Barnum, and 8 pt. French Clarendon Extended. Plus, lots of penline flourishes, dashes, and dingbats.
Photo: Rachelle & David's envelope and both sides of reply card. Types used: 14, 18, & 24 pt. P. T. Barnum, 18 pt. Thunderbird Extended, 18 pt. Pacific, and 10 line Runic for their initials.
Photo: We printed invitations and three cards (one double sided) for Brianne and An's wedding. Brianne put the cards into the bottom pocket of the envelopes and glued the invitations to the center; it folded up into an attractive package.
Photo: Close up of Brianne & An's two-color invitations and two of the insert cards. Type is 12, 16, & 18 pt. Baskerville and 24 pt. Commercial Script.