Go Nomad - Sudan
Jun 22, 2011Public
Photo: Locals were very interested in our car
Photo: the typical Sudanese architecture
Photo: an idyllic Sudanese village in North Sudan
Photo: an old mosque outside Karima
Photo: El Kurru - a tomb with amazingly well kept wall paintings
Photo: pyramids of Merowe
Photo: the pyramids of Merowe, nestled in the sand dunes of West Sudan
Photo: Musawarat temple, not far from the Merowe pyramids
Photo: Sudanese "DIY" store with building material for houses
Photo: cute Sudanese girl watching us strangers
Photo: the holy drums of the Kadugli - tribe in South Kordofan, Sudan
Photo: dancing the Kambala, Kadugli, South Kordofan, Sudan
Photo: Kambala danvers in their traditional dress (except the Pirelli shirts)
Photo: beginning of the henna ceremony, Kadugli, Sudan
Photo: sitting, chatting, singing, giggling - a true womens´ business
Photo: Andrea at her henna ceremony - surrounded by chatting, singing tribeswomen
Photo: application of the henna paste to the soles of the feet
Photo: after the soles, the rest of the feet are skillfully decorated
Photo: the tribeswomen loved painting on white skin
Photo: Andrea - the finished product of a 5 hour henna marathon
Photo: sipping tea with chief Mohammad Rahal and his brother
Photo: kids of the Kadugli tribe - everybody wanted to be on camera
Photo: dancing, singing and drinking coffee at the pre wedding party
Photo: a minibus full of women going to a pre-wedding party