Dec 2, 2007Public
Photo: Our arrival in Sweden, MArch 2007
Photo: the lakes were still frozen
Photo: and the forests cold...
Photo: a castle ruin in Saevsjoe
Photo: Inside our log cabin...
Photo: and outside...before the paintjob
Photo: so here's what we did...in red!
Photo: also Andrea works... :o)
Photo: And that's how it looks!
Photo: ufff...we were tired!
Photo: visiting magic stones
Photo: and alone...
Photo: Rene at work...
Photo: our factory
Photo: and Andrea at work!
Photo: Swedish countryhouse
Photo: and another one...
Photo: hmmm...this is supposed to be a party tent!
Photo: our Quality Manager and Andrea
Photo: yep...it was how it looks!
Photo: Our big friend Jonas and Rene
Photo: both quite drunk, aren't they?
Photo: but Rene wasn't better!
Photo: Nymphs live here