Bain report: How top brands grow with timely customer connections


New research shows how leading marketers use integrated technology to deliver more relevant customer experiences in the moment.

Bain & Company, in partnership with Google, surveyed nearly 1,700 senior marketing executives around the globe to find out how they use their data and technology to engage consumers. The overwhelming answer: Leading marketers deliver relevant ads and experiences at just the moment when each consumer is ready for them.

The Bain report shows that leaders who get the timing right:

  • Connect their systems. They integrate platforms and uncover audience insights so they can deliver more relevant messages.
  • Test and learn. They conduct experiments to discover new opportunities, and they refresh critical marketing metrics and dashboards to support decisions.
  • Share the insights. They make reporting and insights available to their teams so more people can take action..

Learn more about how to make timely customer connections in the new Bain report.