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Google AdWords Certification

About Google AdWords Certification Training

  • Should I take both offline and online training?

    Either will do. Both offline and online training courses are designed for Google AdWords certification so if you cannot attend the offline training, feel free to take the same training online.
  • If I could not attend the offline certification training, is there any other make-up plan?

    You might take the online training instead. All you need to do is pass the exams and thus be AdWords certified before the application deadline.
  • Will I get any certificate or confirmation after taking the certification training class?

    After the certification training, you will need to take the Google AdWords certification exams. Those who pass both the fundamentals and one of the advanced exams will receive Google AdWords certificates.
  • When and where does AdWords offline training take place?

    The training will be conducted from Sep to Oct, 2016. Training logistics and related details will be announced in mid September. You will be able to sign up for the offline certification trainings online.
  • I am already Google AdWords certified. Do I need to attend the certification training?

    Please make sure your existing certificate is valid through end of Feb. 2017. If such is the case, you do not need to attend the certification training. If you are not currently certified, we recommend that you take either the online or offline training course.
  • Where can I ask for help if I run into any certification related issues during the training period?

    Depending on the problem, please go to Google Partners Help for solutions.

About Certification Exams

  • How can I be Google AdWords certified?

    Google AdWords certification will be obtained after passing the AdWords Fundamentals Exam AND one of the advanced exams, i.e. Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising or Mobile Advertising, by scoring at least 80 out of 100 for each of the exam.
  • What are the procedures of the exams?

    Exams will take place on the same day right after the offline training. Participants who take online trainings should take online exams by themselves afterwards.
  • If I fail the AdWords Fundamentals exam, can I still take the advanced exam, e.g. Search Advertising exam?

    If you fail the AdWords Fundamentals exam, you can still take the advanced exam such as Search Advertising exam and take a make-up exam for Fundamentals one week later.

Google Ignite Career Forum

  • What is Career Forum?

    Google representative will talk about the program details and share the latest trends in digital marketing, aiming to help prospective digital marketing professionals to gain a better understanding of the industry. Digital marketing professionals from different industries will lead students through the changes in marketing careers in this digital era, share a day in life in marketing for the specific industry and what they are looking for in the candidates.
  • Do I have to register for the Career Forum?

    Yes, you have to register to attend as the venue seating capacity is limited. Please refer to the "Program Details" page and fill out the application form.
  • How or when will I know if my registration is successful?


Google Ignite Star Discovery Interview Days


  • How to apply for Google Ignite Star Discovery Interview Days?

    Google Ignite only accepts online applications (For more details, please visit the "Program Details" page).
  • Will I be able to join the interviews on Google Ignite Star Discovery Interview Days once I have applied for Google Ignite? What's the screening process?

    Application: An AdWords certified applicant need to fill out the application form and company preferences, and upload your Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, an English resume, HKDSE or equivalent exam results, most recent full-year school transcript and 2 essays before the application deadline. Google will rank all applicants and recommend to companies eligible ones to participate in the Star Discovery Interview Days. Companies will pick their final interview list based on their discretion. Criteria: Current Students -60%: In-school performances/ internship or competition experience - 40%: Essays - Extra points: 5% extra points will be awarded for each additional advanced AdWords certification (such as Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising etc.) Recent grads (non-marketers only) -20%: In-school performances / internship or competition experience -40%: Work experience -40%: Essays -Extra points: 5% extra points will be awarded for each additional advanced AdWords certification (such as Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising etc.) Star Discovery Interview Days: Applicants will be matched with companies according to the ranking of the applicants and their company preferences. Selected candidates can attend the Star Discovery Day to be interviewed by 1 or more companies.
  • Where can I find the detailed qualification criteria?

    Please refer to the Interview Days page.
  • If I have questions about my Star Discovery Interview Day qualification results, how and to whom should I direct my inquiries?

    Google will send qualification results to all applicants. Please understand that Google Ignite will not be able to answer any questions regarding the qualification results as the final interview decisions are made by the companies.
  • How do I know if I am qualified to attend the Star Discovery Day?

    Qualification results will be sent via e-mail. Those who are selected to participate on Star Discovery Interview Days will also receive the interview agenda and logistics.

About the Star Discovery Day

  • Does Google provide its own job interviews on the Star Discovery Day?

    Google Ignite is specifically designed to help companies and agencies find, recruit, and train young digital marketing talents. Google Ignite only acts as a recruiting platform for applicants and hosts onboarding trainings for the "Digital Star II".
  • What should I bring on the Star Discovery Interview Days?

    Please bring your Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, a copy of your English resume and other certification documents. Prepare to show your best to your interviewers.
  • What's the dress code?

    Please dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate for the positions you are interviewing for. Clothing should be neat, clean, and pressed.
  • What happens on the Star Discovery Interview Days?

    Candidates will participate in group interviews. Each company will conduct interviews in a closed room. Every interview session lasts for 30 minutes. There will be 2-5 interviewees in one interview. Interview criteria will be defined by each company. (For more information, please see the "Interview Days" page).
  • Is there a backup plan for the Star Discovery Interview Day if there is any extreme weather conditions?

    If the government suspends school or work due to extreme weather, please refer to the "News" page on Google Ignite website for the latest information.
  • On the Star Discovery Interview Days, is it possible to run into schedule conflict between two companies?

    No, all interviews will be scheduled in a way that avoids schedule conflicts.
  • If I cannot attend in person, may I interview online or in any other way?

    Unfortunately, candidates must attend the Star Discovery Interview Days in person. Those who fails to attend in person will lose their right to interview with the specific companies.
  • If I take the AdWords Certification offline training but fail the certification exams at the end of the class, do I still have the chance to join the Star Discovery Interview Days?

    As long as you become certified by application deadline, you will be considered for the Star Discovery Interview Days. If you fail to be certified by the deadline, your application will be disqualified.
  • Does joining the Star Discovery Interview Days guarantee me receiving a job offer?

    No, joining the Star Discovery Interview Days does not guarantee participants any job offer. Companies provide offers according to their own hiring standards.

After the Star Discovery Interview Days

  • How do I know if I get a second interview with the companies I'm interested in or not?

    Companies are in charge of all the recruitment procedures following the Star Discovery Interview Days. Companies shall contact the interviewees for follow-up interviews and job contract, etc. Google will not be responsible for the procedures.
  • How do I know if I am hired or not?

    Final hiring decisions are made by the participating companies. Based on companies' feedback, Google will send the Digital Star Onboarding Training qualification emails to individuals who have accepted job offers through Google Ignite.
  • Is it possible to get job offers from companies not selected in my company preferences?

    No, unless you specify the company in the ranking list, you will not interview with that company nor receive an offer from it through our Program.
  • What should I do if I get offers from multiple companies?

    You should decide which company to join and accept only one offer. Under no circumstance can you accept multiple offers at the same time or you may risk getting your offers rescinded and losing the opportunity to join the Digital Star Onboarding Training. Google and the recruiting companies will not respond to any complaint nor make further arrangements.

Google Ignite Digital Star Onboarding Training

  • What does the half-year Digital Star Onboarding Training consist of?

    Digital Star Onboarding Training includes pre- and on-job training. For more details, please refer to the "Onboarding Training" page.
  • How do I know if I am qualified to join the Digital Star Onboarding Training or not?

    Digital Star Onboarding Training is only provided to the "Digital Star I" - applicants who accept job offers through Google Ignite. Google will send an official notification to all qualified individuals by mid May, 2017.
  • Do I get a certificate after completing the Digital Star Onboarding Training? How do I get it?

    To get the Digital Star Onboarding Training certification, you must attend at least 7 class sessions, which includes at least 4 out of the first 6 sessions.