Contact Us

There are a few different ways to get in touch with us, depending on your needs throughout the OMC program. When reaching out for customer support, please include as much detail as possible to expedite our ability to help you.

Please note that at times it can take several business days to respond to queries if we are experiencing a high volume of questions, but we always do our best to reply as quickly as possible.

1. Submit a question using our Support Request Form

Use the Support Request Form for:

  • Rematch Requests
  • General OMC Program Questions (not Google Ads-specific)
  • Professors requesting an increase in number of teams
  • Issue with OMC dashboard
  • Check status of certificate
  • Help with registration

2. Post in our OMC Forum

This forum is monitored by Ad Grants community experts and is visible to other OMC participants.

Use the OMC Forum for:

  • Posting questions that other OMC participants might also be able to answer and learn from, such as "What's the best help article to read about conversion tracking?"

3. Refer to Ad Grants Help Center or Community Forum

Use the Ad Grants Help Center or Ad Grants Community Forum for:

  • Technical Ad Grants account-related questions
  • General Ad Grants account-related troubleshooting
  • Ad Grants account deactivation questions
  • Tips for improving accounts
  • Ad Grants-specific policies and compliance questions
  • Campaign set up process questions
  • Get clarification on how certain features work

4. Contact Google Ads Help directly

Use Google Ads Help for:

  • Complex Google Ads-related account questions or for troubleshooting the following situations:
    • Ads not showing up
    • Account suspensions
    • Ad disapprovals