Challenge Overview

  1. Registering for the Challenge.
    • Professors register for the Challenge, verify their account and get approved by Google.
    • Students form teams of 2-5 members and appoint a Team Captain who must register under an approved professor. See Registration for more information.
  2. Accessing Dashboard.
    • Approved Professors can access the Professor Dashboard with the Google Account used during the initial registration to approve each Team Captain’s registration and track their progress throughout the Challenge.
    • Once approved by their professor, the Team Captain can access their team’s Student Dashboard to enter the names and email addresses of their team members.
  3. Passing the Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment.
    • Students learn about Google Ads and the online marketing landscape. See suggested trainings and resources on the OMC website.
    • The Team Captain must pass the Academy for Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment. The team may work together to pass the exam, but the achievement used to move to the next stage of the Challenge must be under the name of the registered Team Captain.
    • The Team Captain must download the Google Ads Fundamentals Achievement Certificate from the Academy for Ads and upload it to their team’s Student Dashboard.
  4. Requesting a Nonprofit Partner.
    • Once the team member information is submitted and the Google Ads Fundamentals Achievement Certificate is uploaded, the Team Captain must click the “Request a Nonprofit Partner” button in the Student Dashboard.
    • Google will try to match each student team with an Ad Grants nonprofit based on location, time zone, language and preferred vertical within 7-10 business days. We recommend you request a nonprofit partner at least two weeks prior to when you’d like to get started to allow for any unexpected delays.
  5. Connecting with your Nonprofit Partner.
    • Team Captains will receive an email notification once they’ve been matched with a nonprofit and will be able to view their nonprofit’s primary contact information and Ad Grants Google Ads CID in their Student Dashboard.
    • Student teams will reach out to their nonprofit partner to learn about their organization, set goals and establish expectations. Follow these guidelines for Working with a Nonprofit Partner to get things started.
  6. Accessing the Ad Grants Google Ads Account.
  7. Developing, Presenting and Uploading your Pre-Campaign Marketing Strategy.
    • Student teams will complete this pre-campaign form with their nonprofit’s client profile information, along with the last 30-day Google Ads performance, and begin developing a pre-campaign marketing strategy based on their nonprofit's goals.
    • Students should use the reporting guidelines and slides template to direct the development of their pre-campaign marketing strategy.
    • After presenting your strategy to your nonprofit partner and receiving campaign approval, Team Captains must upload their presentation to the Student Dashboard.
  8. Running your 4-Week Campaign.
    • Following the approval process and schedule agreed upon with the nonprofit partner, student teams can begin running their campaigns and optimizing account performance over at least a 4-week period. See Google Ads Guidelines for more information on program requirements and optimization tips.
    • Students should ensure conversion tracking through Google Ads and/or Analytics is properly set up prior to launching any campaigns.
  9. Developing, Presenting and Uploading your Post-Campaign Analysis.
    • At the end of the campaign window, students should analyze key performance results and submit relevant metrics via this post-campaign form.
    • Students should use the reporting guidelines and slides template to perform and present a post-campaign analysis along with future recommendations for their nonprofit partner.
    • Team Captains must upload their post-campaign analysis to the Student Dashboard in order to be considered for a certificate of recognition.
  10. Nonprofit Feedback and Certificate of Recognition.
    • After submitting the post-campaign analysis, nonprofit partners will receive a client experience survey, that must be submitted within 15 business days. The client experience survey will help evaluate overall team performance by measuring client relationship management skills, the full-scope of marketing tactics executed (in and/or outside of Google Ads) and the quality of program deliverables.
    • Those teams that meet all program requirements and receive a positive client experience rating will receive a Top Marketer Certificate recognizing their work and will be eligible to have their story featured in the Social Impact Spotlight Series on the OMC website. For more information, see the Awards page.