Guessing is out, testing is in.


Test with success — even when you fail

Building a better website means testing everything. Not only does testing improve web experiences, it’s also key to building a culture of growth — one where everyone gathers and acts on data-based insights to optimize the customer experience day by day.

In a growth culture, honing your team’s ability to design and execute good experiments is critical to success. With good testing, teams learn something valuable — even if what you’re testing turns out to be a failure.

So how can you be sure to run good tests?

Join us on March 9th to find out how to test with success. Krista Seiden, Google Analytics Advocate and Jesse Nichols, Head of Web & App Analytics and Growth at Nest, will share a 6-step framework for great testing plus real-world tips and learnings. You’ll explore how to:

  • Begin with strong insights
  • Create repeatable test conditions
  • Put test results into practice to fuel continuous improvements
  • Become a champion for best practices that build a culture of growth

Register now to hear from these website testing and personalization experts!

  • Krista Seiden
    Google Analytics Advocate, Google
  • Jesse Nichols
    Head of Growth, Nest

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We're sorry we missed you. The Test with success - even when you fail webinar has already ended.

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